Arizona Security Control is a leader in 2 way voice technology. We've been handling 2 way voice since before it was popular. We've developed specialized hardware and software for quick and reliableaccess to two-way voice events.No operator guessing games, only consistent response each and every time. Our equipment WON'T allow a system to be accidentally disconnected by operator error. We CAN'T hang up a 2 way call until the subscriber end does.


In addition to having dealer and customer online interface capabilities, we also allow different levels of access to be granted to different users. So your alarm technicians have access to account info, but may or may not have access to edit the alarm monitoring information, or your customer service department can add messages into the account activity REAL TIME at the alarm monitoring central station with the click of a button.

Watch real-time activity for your accounts that refreshes every 15 seconds. The moment our operators are done handling your customer's alarm, you see a full activity log for the account that displays all the actions that were just taken on the account, the account name, address, number, and a link to the account itself. Check out our ONLINE ACCESS pages for more details on Remote Dealer and Customer access.


Tired of getting STUCK with a alarm monitoring dispatch procedure that doesn't fit your customers or business? At AzSecurity Control YOU can determine how we handle every type of alarm monitoring event that comes into us, whether it is a two way voice burglar alarm or a fire alarm. 

We know that no two alarm dealers are alike, nor are their customers. We didn't write our software for OUR way of doing business, we wrote it for EVERYONE'S way. There are so many customizable options available from our software to our operator responses, that you'd need a guide to show you everything. Speaking of which . . .call us . . .we'd LOVE to guide you through our dealer options. You'll be glad you did.

Want to keep track of minor details for your alarm monitoring accounts? With our Customizable Activity Reports, you have access to ALL the information we have about your alarm monitoring accounts. You choose how much (or how little) you need on a daily basis.


Do you have accounts that need more than one test signal supervised? Our software can check for any number of tests on every account. If you have multiple panels (i.e. digital and uplink) reporting to the same account, it can be set up to check for multiple tests during a set period of time.

Customize the Actions: Do you want us to call on trouble signals only during certain times? Do you want to be notified on every alarm every one of your customers has? Do you want to be able to change procedures yourself on a per account basis? With our online access, you have complete control of your accounts.


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AZ Security Control is a Wholesale Alarm Monitoring Central Station for Alarm Dealers.
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